The app for the car
that moves with you

Justmoove integrates all relevant mobility services in one application, so you can focus on enjoying your journey*.

* Services available for Justmoove Prime users with teletac devices ordered with Justmoove

All mobility solutions in one application

Parking your car has never been easier

Find, park and pay easily from Justmoove, in private parkings and in the regulated areas of your city.

Travel without barriers with Via-T

Pay toll roads through your Justmoove Via-T and enjoy an uninterrupted driving.

Your transactions always available

In addition, Justmoove records all your payments in the transaction history so you can view them at any time.

Need to refuel?

Find and compare gas stations close to you or on your way.

You will have a map with all the gas stations nearby and you will be able to see the prices and schedules.

Find all services offered by the application

Regulated on-street parking zones

Gas stations / Fueling



Justmoove Prime

Off street parking


Discover another way to drive with

Park in the city seamlessly

Find parkings

Filter the results


Forget about the parking meters

Pay with your phone

Select the time

Get your digital ticket

You're in control

View your payments and movements

Filter the results

Detailed information

Fueling has never been easier!

Find Gas Stations



What are the advantages of being a Justmoove Prime user?

Justmoove Prime device





Free Via -T device included

Receive your Via-T device for free and open parkings and tolls barriers automatically.


Off street parking

Find the nearest parkings and pay them from the App.


Single monthly payment

Pay the total amount of parking and tolls at the end of the month.

Monthly amount2,49 €

*The use of the device in Andorra and Portugal is free of charge, in France the monthly amount is 2,40€, applicable only upon use.

Free Via -T Device25 €

Welcome promotion: shipping cost, device and registration for free.

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