Justmoove is the car app that brings together all the mobility solutions on your Smartphone, so you can just enjoy the journey. Now you can find and pay for parking comfortably from your mobile or circulate without interruptions or barriers with the VIA-T (teletac) device. And soon Justmoove will offer new features such as taxi service, carsharing, license plate reader or location and payment at gas stations through the app. Everything, to keep moving with you wherever you go.

In the midst of the information age, you don’t have to settle for moving on as you have done up to now. We believe in a freer and more flexible world that adapts to your moments and needs, and with this conviction Justmoove is born, a car app that brings together all the mobility solutions in your Smartphone, allowing you to move with greater agility, comfort and efficiency.

No. It is not possible to change the phone number or email associated with a Justmoove account, as both are essential data for user recognition.

Justmoove accepts Mastercard or VISA cards, both credit and debit. If you are unable to register your card, consult your bank, as it may not have activated the electronic commerce operations not authenticated on your card.

Payments for parking and cancellation of complaints on public roads are not subject to VAT, so that in these cases the system generates a single receipt justifying payment. For payments of other products such as car parks, VAT will be applied directly and an invoice will be generated with the invoicing data recorded in your user account.

Make sure you have the notifications activated at all times to avoid this type of incident. To do this, go to “Settings” in the application’s “Main Menu” and activate the “Push Notifications”. You should also make sure that you have your device’s data activated. Justmoove is not responsible for receiving alerts on the user’s mobile terminal or communication failures; these depend on the configuration of their terminal, the operator and the services contracted by each user in the app.

There is currently no such functionality, so we recommend always reviewing the summary of the ticket that will appear on screen (with license plate, city, area, neighborhood, amount, etc.) before confirming payment.

It may be due to two reasons:
a) Your credit is insufficient.
b) Your card details are not valid.

Do you have the latest version of the App downloaded? Update Justmoove and see if the problem has been fixed. If not, try changing your current password and try logging in with the new password.

No. Justmoove does not have access to your payment details as these are securely stored in FS-Pay systems, which are used to encrypt confidential data to ensure the preservation of each user’s privacy.

You can contact us via chat from the app, pressing “help” (accessible from the menu) and select the contact us button or write to us at hola@justmoove.com.

Cancellation of Justmoove accounts is a manual process whose request is made by the client and may take some time. To unsubscribe, you must go to “Contact Us” in the “Main Menu”, and detail your request in writing. The order will be processed by our team and, once placed, you can always use the service again by creating a new account.

Yes, to get the most out of Justmoove we need you to activate your GPS, so we can determine your location and give you the best option to park, among other features.

The coordinates and accuracy of the GPS depend on many factors: device, buildings, cloudiness, ionosphere, pollution, etc. 20 m radius means that you can be anywhere in a circle of 20 m radius with center in the position that marks you, which means up to 40 m margin of error.

The transactions made through VIA-T (teletac) are reflected in a period of 2 or 3 days. After this time, contact us if the problem persists.

If you already have a VIA-T (teletac) device check with our support service availability depending on the issuing entity of your device. You can do this by opening a chat through the app (accessing “Contact” from the drop-down menu) or by writing to us at hola@justmoove.com

Users of Justmoove Prime services require a number plate associated with their profile, as the teleplate will be linked to that number plate and it is not possible to make changes once the device has been activated. If you change your vehicle, you will have to contact us to return your teleplate and deliver another device linked to the new number plate.

The case of the rest of the users is different, as they do not require a number plate associated with their account. Each time they want to park in regulated areas they can do so with the number plate they have chosen previously or by introducing a new one.

Justmoove Prime users can enjoy exclusive functionalities, such as driving without interruptions or barriers with Justmoove’s VIA-T (teletac), the possibility to pay in private car parks from the app and pay all their expenses in a convenient payment at the beginning of the following month.

The monthly fee for the Justmoove Prime service is €2.49. The service offers exclusive features such as a single monthly payment, the option to find private car parks and pay them directly from the App and pay tolls with a barrier without having to stop. Taking advantage of the welcome promotion, Prime users receive at home, completely free, a VIA-T (teletac) device (valued at 25€) with no commitment of permanence.

It’s very simple. In the “Main Menu” of the app, you will find a button with the text “Move to Justmoove Prime”. Just click and follow the instructions.

Some motorways in Spain load the journeys after the date on which they pass through this toll. This means that each month’s bill will show all the journeys loaded for that month and some from the previous month that were not included in the bill because they were not processed on time.

Justmoove gives you the option to enter a default license plate that will automatically appear each time you want to park in a regulated parking area, but you can edit it whenever you need to just type in the new license plate.

They have an electronic device with which they can supervise the payments made in Justmoove through the registration. Although it is not necessary, since the controllers have this information, we provide you with a badge that identifies you as a user of the application. Place it in a visible place on the windscreen of your vehicle for quick identification.

Generally you will pay the same rate, only comfortably from your smartphone. In some cities there may be a small surcharge for using the service. In these cases, you will be informed beforehand.

Telethac is an electronic device linked to Justmoove Prime that allows you to pay tolls and car parks without having to take tickets or stop your vehicle. With Justmoove’s VIA-T (teletac) your trip is faster, more comfortable and can even be cheaper.

Justmoove offers its users of Justmoove Prime the VIA-T device (valued at 25 €) completely free of charge and with no commitment of permanence. Includes high shipping and device.

Once the Justmoove Prime service has been contracted, it takes 2 to 3 working days for the device to reach the user via courier.

No. If you no longer want to enjoy the advantages offered by the VIA-T (teletac), all you have to do is return it to us. If you do not receive it, Justmoove reserves the right to charge you its original price, which is 30 €.

You can use your telethac on the entire network of motorways in Spain fitted out with a telethac lane (teletoll) as well as in the participating car parks. It also works in Portugal and on French motorways and car parks belonging to the Liber-t** network. On the Liber-t network you only pay 2.40€/month of use. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay.

In Spain there are 2 types of access roads to the toll beaches:

a) Mixed lanes: it allows you to pay the toll with VIA-T (teletac) and other forms of payment (cash and/or card). The sign identifying the mixed route is square with a white T on a blue background.

b) Exclusive lanes: reserved for users with an electronic toll system. The signal that identifies it is round, with a white T on a blue background.

In Portugal there are 2 types of tolls:

a) Tolls with cabin: exclusive lane for electronic tolls called “Via aderente”. The sign that identifies them is square and with a “V” on a green background.

b) Electronic tolls: tolls without cabins that you will find in the sections of highway (exSCUT) that are mandatory payment from 2011. With telethac you can pay at these tolls.

In France you will see a symbol with an orange ‘t’ above the lane. There are three types of zones:

a) Mixed zone: here you can pay in cash and with your credit card. The device is also accepted if there is an orange ‘t’ above the lane (more waiting time).

b) In the lanes with the orange symbol ‘t’ all types of vehicles are allowed. In these lanes you must adjust the speed to the required limit of 30 km/h.

c) Reserved lanes: only for Class 1 vehicles with less than 2 metres in height and less than 3,500 kg in weight.

Justmoove allows you to access the discounts offered by Spanish motorways by registering your VIA-T (teletac) in the discount programmes, you can consult the requirements at www.autopistas.com.

The VIA-T (teletac) device must be correctly placed on the windscreen of your vehicle in accordance with the instructions that we will provide you with the shipment. If this is not the case, the communication between the antenna and the device may not take place, so the barrier will not open. In the case of having an athermal glass, you must place your VIA-T (teletac) in the windows specially enabled for this type of devices, for which it is recommended to read the instruction manual of the vehicle.

In case of theft of the device you can request the replacement of it justifying the event with the relevant report. It is very important that you inform us as soon as possible to avoid unwanted charges on your card. The loss of the device means a penalty of 30€ for the user.

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